Why Has Digital Photography Become So Popular?

Why Has Digital Photography Become So Popular?

In a very short span of time, digital photography has made a mark in nearly every home and heart. Why has this credit card sized camera revolutionized the way we take pictures, so much so that film camera manufacturers are discontinuing certain models and jumping on the digital bandwagon?

Why Digital Photography is here to stay:

Instant Gratification

Yes, Polaroid cameras were in vogue in the 70’s, but you had to lug around a huge camera, wait for the picture to ‘dry’ and still not get crystal clear images. With the advent of digital photography, you can actually see your picture instantly on the screen of your camera. That way you know if you accidentally cut off Uncle Jim’s head at the family reunion.

Editing Options

You can crop and play with your pictures on your computer before printing them. You can remove Uncle Jim’s red eye, or remove him from the picture altogether once you get familiar with some user-friendly digital photography software.

Print Only your Favorites

You could print your pictures at home if you have a photo printer and photo paper, or you could simply upload them on popular digital photography websites like Snapfish, Ofoto and Winkflash. Not only can you place orders for prints, you can also choose photo gifts such as mugs and t-shirts right from the convenience of your home.


By uploading your pictures at websites like those mentioned above or others like Yahoo!, you can share your album with friends and loved ones. You need not worry that your precious memories will be floating in cyber space for all to see. Only people whom you have invited or provided with a password can view the pictures and order some prints for themselves, if they so choose.


Sure, a digital camera can be an expensive initial investment, especially when you add on the memory card and battery etc. However, it does work out cheaper in the long run because you do not need to buy film, you do not need to drive to the store to drop off the film and then pick it up (and do some impulse buying at the same time). And the best part about digital photography is that you get to print the pictures you like the most, instead of sometimes being disappointed with the results when you get your film developed.