What Is Photography?

What Is Photography?

What Is Photography? May be you have often heard the word photography. But not many are aware what is photography. Photography is one of the art, producing the beautiful images using camera and film. Photography has been known since the 15th century. Photography was first introduced by Leonardo Da Vinci using the camera obscura. Several centuries later the experts continue to innovate to make a better camera. With the development of camera, photography also continues to grow. Until now photographer already using digital cameras with much better performance and is able to produce a better picture.

In the beginning,photography was the development of art of painting. Nowdays photography skills used for various purposes and can serve as promising profession. With the development of science and technology contributed to the development of photography. The understanding, what is photography for every photographer is different depending of many factors and point of view. Nowadays photography has many branches. Base on the object, photography can be divided into: documentation photography,nature/landscape photography,wildlife photography, jurnalist photography, Art photography, studio photography, air photography, comercial photography,interior photography and fashion photography.

For those of you who want to become a photographer has to understand what is photography. Being a photographer can produce large amounts of money if you do it professionally. To start the activity of photography, there are some basics you should understand such as cameras, lenses and lighting. Your ability to combine all three factors will produce beautiful images. A photographer should always train the ability to take a picture, in order to produce beautiful work. One way to improve shooting skills is often taking the picture. You also can increase your knowledge by reading many articles in magazines, internet and joint a community of other photography for sharing information.

Photography activities can be done by everyone. To produce good quality images, you must have skills that are not owned by most people. Therefore you have to animate what is photography. In photography there are a few basic things you should consider like film sensitivity, aperture and speed. In the market, there are many available a variety of films with different sensitivities. The sensitivity of film labeled by ISO like ISO 100, 200, 400, and more. The bigger the number, it means the more sensitive to the light. In addition to the sensitivity of film, you also have to understand about the aperture. The aperture serves to adjust the light to be captured by the film. Aperture setting will also determine the quality of the image to be generated. Other factors that will determine the quality of the image is speed. Speed is the time required by light to reach the film. Speed required to capture silent and moving objects is different. Your ability to combine the film sensitivity, aperture and speed must often be trained to produce good pictures.

Just a science and technology, photography is also growing. To improve the ability, you must often follow the development of information and explore what is photography. With the development of technology, photography activity can now be manipulated using computer software like Photoshop.