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Happy Friday … I mean Happy Valentines Day  🙂 <3  Thank you Ashley for braving the cold for us ! A little something from the heart :

“This picture reminds me of our life right now and marriage in general. It may feel like the sky is falling on top of you and hard to see through sometimes, but if we wrap our arms around each other tightly we’ll always be warm and the storm will eventually clear.”




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Its’ no secret at all that I love Christmas time so much that I actually start decorating the day after Halloween . To some, this may sound crazy . But for some one like me who loves to decorate , it takes me a month or more to decorate the house . I have spent over 7 years collecting Christmas decor . I have finally have the perfect collection to which there is a different theme throughout out our home . This is only half of it ! Part two to come later … Happy Holidays Everyone !



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Not too long ago, on a Wednesday in early June, K.D. Burke Photography had an awesome oportunity to photography a stylized shoot on location at an airport. With a private jet. Which we used to fly to Hilton Head, S.C. In an hour an a half. Now, that may sound a little out of the norm. And it should, because it was. It was surreal. It was an amazing opprotunity and we enjoyed every minute of work that day. But THAT day was just the tip of the iceberg as a whirlwind of excitement began to unfold.

The day before the private jet excursion, the New York Daily News had contacted Kim for some information on a photo. A writer wanted to do a story on the couple she’d seen in a viral photography that was floating around the internet. That photo was the infamous captured moment of Marine, Josh Curtis with his bride Bre in prayer before the couple’s wedding ceremony. Kim answered the reporters questions provided them with contact info for Bre, knowing the couple would be interviewed for a the story at the same time the K.D. Burke Photograpy team was working on the job of the summer, in Hilton Head. We returned to Lynchburg that Wednesday night, excited and exhausted from the day’s events, to find the article posted on the New York Daily News. It seemed like the icing on the cake to an unforgetable day, but it retrospect, it was really more of an appetizer!

Thursday marked the beging of many unforseen media inquiries. Over the next few days more and more news outlets wanted to pick up the story.

Thursday 13th
The Daily Mail

Friday 14th
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer
The Daily Caller
Huffington Post

Saturday 15th
The Blaze
The Today Show
Fox and Friends Weekend

Monday 17th
News and Advance

Wednesday 19th

The flurry of attention was unexpected and downright crazy at times. Kim’s phone, email, and facebook account were filled with messages of news contacts requesting interviews, friends informing her of the latest K.D. Burke Photography news sighting, and congratulations from friends. It was mind-boggling at times. How did this photo go viral? Out of all the photographers and all the photos, how were we so fortunate to get media attention? Its been a very humbling question to ponder. The answer might have a little something to do with the happy couple, Bre and Josh Curtas. We’re both happy and thankful for Bre and Josh, the stars of the photo, whose attractiveness is evident both inside and out.

That Wednesday in early June started with us boarding a private jet, thinking K.D. Burke was doing pretty well for such a neat experience to be in front of us. What a delightful surprise it was to soon learn how much more was in store. Theres something to be said about setting your sights high. 🙂

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If you know me, well you know I love snow. With spring right around the corner I was so hoping to see one good snow storm. The weather people had been forecasting up to 20 inches of snow for our area, and when it came down to it, once again we were left disappointed . I woke up this morning to what looked like a winter wonderland. We got about 3 inches total I think, but just north of us 18-22 inches !! So jealous so, Connor and I decided to venture out . It got really sketchy once we made it to Wintergreen , so we decided to turn around . There was trees down, power lines down. Typically I would have chanced it, but something about 40 mile hour winds and snapping trees in front of you tells you TURN AROUND !So making it back to Lynchburg, the sun is out and the snow is melting ..boooo. It was pretty while it lasted.. Ok so winter is most likely over so bring on Spring !

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Derecho? What is that :

derecho (play /dəˈr/Spanish pronunciation: [deˈɾetʃo]) is a widespread and long-lived, straight-line windstorm that is associated with a fast-moving band of severe thunderstorms. Generally, derechos are convection-induced and take on a bow echo form of squall line, forming near a split in the upper level jet stream. They travel quickly in the direction of movement of their associated storms, similar to an outflow boundary (gust front), except that the wind is sustained and generally, increases in strength behind the front, generally exceeding hurricane-force. A warm-weather phenomenon, derechos occur mostly in summer, especially during June and July in the Northern Hemisphere, within areas of moderately stronginstability and moderately strong vertical wind shear. They may occur at any time of the year and occur as frequently at night as during the daylight hours.



I was looking forward to my first weekend off in 12 weeks this past weekend, and I asked my self how I would spend it . I told my self that I was going to do absolutely nothing  ! I was going to lay back and watch Lifetime movies all weekend .Corny as it may sound, yes that is what I was going to do . Well Friday night around I say close to 9 pm I log on to Facebook and see a friend of mine post about a storm coming . I said to myself, what? I had not heard of any type of storm or bad weather to come . If you know me well, you know I am always stalking the weather . It had been the hottest day of the year it seemed with a heat index of 104. I went outside to my patio and sat down and said to myself , wow this is going to be bad, but maybe it will cool things off a bit . Well about that time, I heard the most horrifying sounds from the sky ever . The thunder, the wind, the lighting , I had never seen anything like it in my 34 years living here in Lynchburg Va. I knew that this was going to be beyond bad, and I ran inside and shut the door behind me in a panic, I was literally scared out of my mind ! Thankful not to be alone , Connor was here and I told him to hurry get down here, that a tornado was coming , he looked at me and said chill out its just a storm . About that time, the lights began to flicker . I went to the front door and looked out and all the lights where flickering on each and every house on my block , as the wind ripped and raced up and down my street . The sky was mean and fierce and it was pissed ! About that time all hell broke lose ! BOOM… Power is out .Normally I would have gone to grab my camera and snap away but I was frozen to the floor and scared to move , I sat in my living room floor for the next hour scared out of my mind , the sounds that you could hear coming down my fireplace were un real! It seems the storm lasted over a hour , or maybe it felt that long but all i knew that there had to been a lot of damage out there. All I could do is keep checking Facebook to see what was going on, every status I saw was about the same, no power, or WTF just happened , and people wondering was it a tornado or not . I get a text from a friend who was in town from Denver Colorado and asked if they could come here because I was the closest person to them, that they were at MiPatron and the power had went out , when they showed up they said that trees were down,power lines down , and so much damage!  We all walked to the top of my road that night and sure enough trees down everywhere . I have never seen anything like this ever ! I said to myself that it was as bad if not worse than the storm of the summer of 93 if any of you can relate that . I then walked home hoping and praying my parents were ok, and finally I get a call that they are  and they are without power as well . I knew it would be a long night . I wake up around 7 am and those that know me well, that never happens 😛 I jumped out, of bed , told Connor lets go check things out .We take a right onto Rivermont and BAM There is a huge tree blocking the road in front of the Va Baptist Hospital almost . Turn around go down Langhorne Rd.. Lines down , Poles down , Trees smashed into houses and cars, it was the most horrifying thing I had ever seen !!! How did this happen! Why did we not get a fair warning about this storm!! Apparently there are those that would like to make there point known there was fair warning , and I disagree ! The farther we drove ,the worst it got, all over town no power , gas stations with lines a mile long . You would think that it was the end of the world ! I spent all day that day looking for a generator, nothing sold out all over town, thought to my self should I leave town and go to find a hotel, nothing , no hotels in a radius of 100 miles or more!!!  I toughed it out though, found generator by day 2 of no power and by day 3 power came back on ! I was so blessed for that ! Still there are over 21,000 people in my area in Lynchburg alone without power !! This is going on day 5!! Not to mention the thousands in VA alone without power ! There are people bitching and complaining ” Why is my power not on yet” Blah Blah … You know what , SUCK IT UP I did , This same storm produced so much damage all throughout the state into Maryland from what I hear . My Aunt & Uncle in Lake Anna lost there beautiful home on the lake that was struck by lighting and made it out of there with there dog . So I am blessed beyond measure to BE ALIVE , to have a HOME to come home too!! Things could be a lot worse than what they are ! We have been threw this before ! Thank god for Facebook, because without that , I would have no clue to what was going on , with no way to see the news or get updates on the weather and progress of things ! Think back , those of you who remember the storm of 93 , what did we do to pass time then ? WOW I can remember , I was only 15 at the time , it wasn’t as hot and maybe that is why this is much worse to bare threw . With the temps still in the high 90’s and not much rain our way its bad out there . Check on your elderly,and animals  and keep hydrated as much as possible . AEP and other crews are working hard day and night and just think how hot they are working in this hot horrible weather !

Ive learned a few things over this weekend , don’t take things or people for that matter for granted ! The little things like ice , power,internet,phone, the things we use daily and don’t think twice if we are without ! It could have been so much worse! I am thankful to live in a brick older home with plaster walls which keep a lot of heat out, I have gas water and gas heat so I could still cook and take warm showers , Some people where without these things  or with out running water bc they have a well ! BE thankful with everything that GOD has blessed us with ~

All in all, my weekend off was nice ….. It was pretty nice to “disconnect ” every now and then you need to … to realize all that you have in life ! Stay Safe , and Stay Cool people , its going to be hot and I pray that those who are without power still, gain it back soon, you are in my prayers!



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